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Jamaica - 2004 - Page 1

We spent 7 days in Jamaica during January of 2004 and it was fantastic! One couldn't ask for more comfortably warm and sunshiney days as we had there. We flew from Milwaukee, WI to Montego Bay, Jamaica, and took a bus to our all-inclusive resort at Breezes in Runaway Bay. We played like kids for the next week -- eating and drinking and swimming and snorkling and sailing on the Carribean sea. It was simply awesome!

Jamaica Pics Set 1

Arriving at Montego Bay International Airport and ready to board the bus to our resort   1st stop on the way to the resort was a quick tourist stop where one could buy refreshments of both the liquid and the herbal varieties.  Scott is making time with the locals already   'Normal' activity in a small town on the way to resort.  Yes, that is me in the mirror (on the left) -- on the right is Bob Marley partaking of some Ganja   Another street in a local small town   Carol looking out the bus at a banana plantation   Arriving at our resort (and I caught myself in the mirror once more)   Looking into our resort from the entrance   Walking to our room down one of the resort hallways   Our Room
Jamaica Pics Set 2

The walk outside our room to the food palace and ocean   The entrance to the nude beach on our resort.  It is well shielded by hedges.  (Sorry, but they wouldn't allow me to take my camera on that side of the resort)   :)   Just another walk through our resort showing the lush vegetation   Inside the food court at breakfast   A view of the Carribean and the trapeze from the food court   The lobby bar of our resort   Scott & Blair at the lobby bar (yeah, he's had a bit to drink)  :)   Carol & a local business woman at a small shop in Ocho Rios where we went shopping for souveniers   Myself and a local business woman at a small shop in Ocho Rios where we went shopping for souveniers.  Yeah, my hair's a mess, but I been living in the ocean for the past few days
Jamaica Pics Set 3

A picture from inside the Fern Gully near Ocho Rios   Another picture driving through the Fern Gully near Ocho Rios   The Fern Man -- a guy who dresses all in ferns and lets you take his picture for a dollar   A picture of Ocho Rios overlooking the Carribean from one of the small mountains   Beautiful lush vegetation in a park near Ocho Rios   More park scenery with a pool there   A Palm in the park.  These palms only grow oriented east and west   More park scenery   A beautiful waterfall in the park
Jamaica Pics Set 4

Another picture of the waterfall   Some lush vegetation in the park   Back to our resort -- a couple hammocks by the pool   The food bar on the terrace on our resort   Walking down to the beach on our resort   Hammocks and lounges by the beach   More of our resort beach pics   Still more of our resort beach pics   A large chessboard by the beach, next to the beach bar
Jamaica Pics Set 5

The beach bar early in the morning   The beach snack shack for hamburgers, hot dogs and jerk chicken   A picture of the pool in front of the terrace food court   Walking into the food court with the beach bar on the right   One of many comfortable 'Reading Sanctuaries' on the resort   One of many hidden hammocks on the resort   Another hidden hammock   The game room - Billiards, Table Tennis, Snooker, Slot Machines   A view of one section of the lobby of our resort
Jamaica Pics Set 6

Walking to the Terrace Food Court from the Lobby   Checkers & Backgammon tables by the Lobby Bar   More of our resort.  It is full of walkpaths and beautiful foliage   The view looking out our room to our patio   Our airplane waiting for us in Montego Bay International Airport   A view of Cuba from our 35,000 feet   A picture inside our plane.  It was Condor Airlines and a very nice, clean, and well kept plane   A view of the north side of Cuba from 35,000 feet   And finally, a view of the Florida Keys

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