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Mexico - 2004 - Page 1

We spent 3 days in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico while visiting my parents and my brother in Mesa, Arizona during February of 2004. The weather was cool for that part of the country (mid to high 60's), but still was better than the 10s and 20's of Wisconsin during that time of year! We drove up to Minneapolis, MN and flew out of the International airport there to Phoenix and then my brother and his family graciously took us all around Arizona, and down into old Mexico while we were there. It was a very nice trip and one we hope to do many times.

Mexico Pics Set 1

Our jet, 'America West', ready to board in Minneapolis to begin our trip.   Snow-covered Wisconsin from 35,000 feet.   Snow-covered Minnesota from 35,000 feet.   Snow-covered, mountainous South Dakota from 35,000 feet.   These crop-cirle-appearing items are irrigation circles.   The Superstition Mountains in Mesa, Arizona.   Descending over Mesa, Arizona.   Descending over Phoenix, Arizona.   Arriving at Phoenix International Airport.
Mexico Pics Set 2

In front of my brother's home in Mesa, with Mom, Dad, Sister-in-law Jane, and Carol.   Getting ready to leave for Mexico the next morning -- same people in the pic as last one.   Heading to south to the border   Nephew Luke.   Arizona desert scenery on the way to the border.   A border-patrol checkpoint.   Entering the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.   Arriving at the border.   Welcome to Mexico.
Mexico Pics Set 3

Driving down the highway in Mexico.   Our destination, Puerto Penasco, in the distance.   Puerto Penasco getting closer...   Where we will stay this weekend -- Puerto, Penasco, or in English, Rocky Point.   Some of the retirement homes built by this resort.   Entering the resort.   Checking in at the lobby...   The entrance to our condomimium.   Our bedroom for the weekend.
Mexico Pics Set 4

Looking out into the dining room of our condominium.   Stairway to another bedroom in our condo.   Living room of our condo.   A view from our balcony of the resort.   Another balcony view of the resort.   A view of the Sea of Cortez from our balcony.   A view straight down from our balcony.   Another Sea of Cortez view from our condo balcony.   One of the resort swimming pools below our condo.
Mexico Pics Set 5

One more view from our condo balcony.   Getting ready for the weekend -- Corona and all...   Looking out across the road -- note how they seem to begin building something and then just leave it like they ran out of money or something -- there are a lot of structures like this in Mexico.   Going into town.   Onward through town.   And onward through more town.   Fairly easy to get lost, eh?   Some local businesses.   Street vendors in town.
Mexico Pics Set 6

'The Friendly Dolphin' restaurant where we ate dinner for some good, authentic Mexican food (we decided we like the Americanized version better)  :)   More views of our resort condo.   Mom and Dad in our resort.   Driving to another village to 'check it out'.   Coming up to that village...   Interesting Mexican architecture.   More colorful Mexican architecture.   American retirement homes in this village.   A flock of Pelicans by the Sea of Cortez.
Mexico Pics Set 7

Same pelicans, different angle.   Attack of the Killer Dragonflies!!!                         A 'dragonfly' kite in the resort.   Mexican Sunset on the Sea of Cortez.   Another view of the Mexican sunset.   Card night in the condo.   Heading back the America.   Bye Bye, Mexico.   Making a living ...   Welcome to the Border, senor.
Mexico Pics Set 8

United States Border Inspection Station.   Country Boundaries.   The last picture I got before I was told that pictures were not allowed...  Oops...   Whew!  Made it through.  Heading back towards Mesa, AZ.   Back to Jim and Jane's house. (Jim being my brother, Jane being his wife.   Where Jim works at the United Dairymen of Arizona.   A Jet Plane in the sky over Phoenix.   Heading to Phoenix.   Getting ready to watch the Phoenix Suns take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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