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Our Princess Cruise to Alaska - 2004 - Page 2

Alsaka Cruise Pics Set 9

Alaskan scenery.  It's strange, while there, everything looks so awesome and you are sure you need yet another picture, but when you get back, the pics all look the same.  There is nothing like being there.   Alaskan scenery.   Alaskan scenery.   Alaskan scenery.   Alaskan scenery.   A far-away pic of another glacier coming down off the land.   Getting closer to that glacier.   Up within a mile of this glacier.   Lot of floating ice from the glacier.  There are about 5 seals sunning themselves on the large chunk in the middle of the picture. You can't make them out in the pic -- needed to be there with binoculars.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 10

More floating ice with a sea otter in the lower center of the pic.   More floating ice (the seals that were on this chunk didn't trust our ship and took the protection of 'the deep'.   Another view of the glacier and surrounding mountains.   Lowering a boat -- not sure why we did this -- they may have been scientists that were onboard.   The boat lowered -- gives a little more perspective of the size of the floating ice chunks.   Glacier view.   Glacier view.   Glacier view.   Another shot of a sea otter in the upper right corner of the pic.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 11

Glacier view.   Arriving very early morning in Whittier, Alaska.   The tunnel (2+ miles long [1 lane wide]) that connects Whittier to the rest of Alaska.   Our next plane that will take us up to Fairbanks, Alaska.   Up, up and away!   So much of Alaska looks like this ... mountain range after mountain range, and wilderness after wilderness.  I would guess there are still parts that have never been explored.   The pilot was very nice -- he lowered the plane to somewhere around 25000 feet so we could get a good view of Mt. McKinley, highest point in North America.   On the ground in Fairbanks, Alaska.   Carol on the top deck of a 4-deck River Steamboat for our tour.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 12

The backside of our hotel in Fairbanks, AK   Sled dogs -- this is the home of _____, the lady that won the Idiotrod for 4 years.  They showed us how they train the dogs during the summer with an engineless four-wheeler.   Hooking the dogs up to the sled -- look how anxious they are to go -- all straining at the reins to get going.   And they're off!   This one was a bit odd -- a 14'x70' mobile home on top of a boat -- right out of 'you know you're a redneck when ...'   :)   Some reindeer.  A lot of reindeer meat is made in Alaska.  We tried some sausage, and it was very, very good.   Arriving at an Indian village along the river.   The welcome cabin, and garden, along with a 50+ pound cabbage (vegetables grow huge due to the long sunlight hours).   One of the Indian girls in full winter dress.  They make very beautiful coats.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 13

Salmon, hanging in the smokehouse.   Inside the general store.   Inside a residential cabin.   Another inside shot.   And another inside shot.   And one more inside shot.   Aboard 'The Midnight Sun' -- a 2 tiered, glass-enclosed, site-seeing train, headed towards Denali National Park.   Looking out the back of our railroad car.   A picture of the front of our train, rounding a corner.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 14

Another picture of the front of our train.   Our train going into a tunnel in the mountainside.   A picture of the countryside.   Another picture of the countryside.   Princess Lodge, in the middle of the pic (the brown-roofed building) where we spent the day and night.   Enjoying one of the views from Princess Lodge, Denali, Alaska.   A surreal picture of Mount McKinley from within Denali Park.  Mt. McKinley is some 70 miles away in this picture!   Another view of Mount McKinley.   There are some reindeer out eating in the middle of this picture that we could only see with binoculars.  Again, due to the size of the mountains, and with no real size reference point out in the wilderness, the size perspective is thrown completely off.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 15

There are moose hiding behind trees in this picture (Honest!).   You can see the moose in the upper right corner of this one.  There was a cow, a baby, and a bull mooose.   Our train that will take us back to Anchorage.   Our car on 'The Midnight Sun'.   Scenery from the train.   More scenery.   A view of Mount McKinley from the train.   Another Mount McKinley shot.   And one of the best Mount McKinley shots.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 16

A creek winding down through the wilderness.   The same creek, still winding down.   The 'million dollar shot' of Mount McKinley.   Alice and Ernie from California.  These two very nice women were our traveling companions on the way back to Anchorage, AK.   Another beautiful shot of Mount McKinley.   And, a shot of Carol in the back of the train.   Our hotel room in Anchorage, AK.   Another shot of our Anchorage, AK. hotel room.   This is a small jet flying from New Jersey, to Milwaukee.  We left Anchorage, flew to Seattle.  Then, from Seattle, flew to New Jersey, and then this jet to Milwaukee.  It was a heck of way to get us back home, but that's what Princess booked for this tour.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 17

In the air, over New Jersey.   Still higher in the air.   And yet even higher in the air.   Arriving at Milwaukee, out over Lake Michigan.   Almost down -- home, here we come.  

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