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Our Princess Cruise to Alaska - 2004 - Page 1

We cruised with Princess Cruises from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Wittier, Alaska, and then spent 3 days sightseeing the Alaskan wilderness during September of 2004. The weather was, for the most part, gorgeous, and the wildlife (both aquatic and land-based), simply amazing! This was our first cruise and it was a good time.

Alsaka Cruise Pics Set 1

Our plane waiting at General Mitchell Airfield in Milwaukee, WI.   Another shot of our plane.   I was so excited to sit by the emergency door to get actual legroom in this exit aisle!   Arrving at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.   Man, there sure a lot of people going through customs here...   Inside the bus that was giving us a tour of Vancouver and taking us to our ship.   I cannot remember what this dome was, but it was important :)        If anyone knows, please email me.   China Town in Vancouver.   Another shot of China Town (it's hard to get good pics through a dang bus window).
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 2

Walking up the gangplank to board the 'Dawn Princess' (sure hope we don't have to use those lifeboats...).   Inside our stateroom ... sure looks funny seeing a tree outside our balcony window on a ship.   Another shot of the inside of our stateroom.   Our porter, Carlos.  He was very friendly, and an excellent porter (is that what you all them?)   Looking down at land before we embark on our journey.   Looking down at land the other way.   Watching the ship be loaded with supplies.   Walking trough the ship, this is one of the main stairways.   More of this elegant stairway.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 3

Walking toward the stern of the ship, through the art gallery.   Near the rear of the ship, one of the main stages where entertainment takes place.   The theater near the front of the ship.  A big screen on the high seas.  We saw 'Shrek II' and 'Calendar Girls'.  The only thing that we missed was the popcorn.   The walkway around one of the lower deks, along with shuffleboard.  Walking around this entire floor was 1 mile.   The Casino -- not sure if I was supposed to take a picture, but, oh well.   Various stairways and lobby areas on our ship.   More of these lobby areas.   And more of the magnificant stairways and elevators on board.   Topside of the ship, by the pool and lounge area. I believe this was the 13th floor.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 4

A shot topside of the Windjammer bar on the top, Cheeseburger palace one the 2nd floor down, and another bard on the 3rd floor down, of course, with a hot tub in front.   Another shot of the pool area.   Back of the ship by a 2nd pool and above the gym and workout area.   Bikes in 1 of the workout and training areas.   Wieght machines, treadmills, eliptical trainers, etc., in another part of the workout area.   Entrance to the spa and massage therapy stations.   Leaving Vancouver.   A school of porpoises -- estimated to be at least 50 strong, as we were leaving Vancouver.   Pulling into our 1st port at Ketchikan, Alaska.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 5

Pulling up to the dock in Ketchikan, Alaska.   Still pulling up to the dock ... this is a really slow process, of course, as the size of this ship could take out the dock and 1/2 the town!   Docked.  A picture of the town ... pretty much the entire town.   Back to sea.  It's hard to see, but there is a seal taking a snooze on this buoy. With binoculars, you would see real good.   A Humpbacked whale.  It's pretty difficult getting that perfect shot on camera as the tail is going down, but we saw that many times.   A shot of another Humpbacked whale.   Pulling into our 2nd port, Juneau, Alaska.   Graffiti on the wall in Juneau.   More graffiti.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 6

More graffiti.   The walk toward town in Juneau.   And some more graffiti.   Back to Sea.   Southern Alaska scenery from the sea.   More southern Alaska scenery from the sea.   Still more southern Alaska scenery from the sea.   And more scenery.   A view of the front of the ship -- watching for seals, otters, and whales.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 7

Carol watching from the top, side of the ship.   Snow-capped Alaskan mountains.   More snow-capped Alaskan mountains.   Carol watching with binoculars.   Heading towards a glacier in Glacier Bay.   Land along Glacier Bay.   A few pieces of floating ice in Glacier Bay.   Arriving at one of the Glaciers.   A Close-up of this glacier.  We are actually over a mile from it ... size is very hard to comprehend out on the water.
Alaska Cruise Pics Set 8

A view of the glacier.  This glacier is over 2 times the height of this ship.   Another glacier view.  We were fortunate enough to view a large piece of this glacier calve while were were along side it.   One more glacier view.   Alaskan scenery.   It's cool enough to keep the glaciers there, but warm enough for green yet on the mountain sides.   Alaskan Scenery.   Carol back in our stateroom.   The cold, blue, Pacific, looking towards the bow of the ship.   Beautiful Alaskan scenery.

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