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June,         2009 Covad Areas! JayJay Net now sells and services Hi-Speed DSL in Covad territories throughout the US. You can sign up for DSL in these new areas and feel confident that you will receive our well-known friendly and knowledgeable customer service and technical support that makes us stand head and shoulders above all others.

December, 2008 Nationwide! JayJay Net now sells and services Nationwide DSL and DialUp Internet services! You can sign up for DSL or DialUp in nearly all areas of the United States and still receive the same award-winning, top of the line technical support and service that JayJay Net's employees are well known for.

October, 2008 DSL is now available in the Verizon and AT&T/SBC serving areas throughout Wisconsin. Please click here in order to see if your phone line or address qualifies for DSL. Once you sign up, it only takes 3-5 business days to get you up and running. You can use any approved DSL modem, or we can provide one for you.

October, 2007 JayJay Net begins. The name is new - the service is not. John Hrusovszky and his team of professionals has begun, once again, an Internet Service that is second to none. This is what we love and do very well. We think you will agree.

Coming Soon:
VOIP (Voice over IP)
Details forthcoming

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