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Carol I have been blessed with a GREAT family. This is Carol, my wife of 34 years. We were married on Oct. 24, 1981 in Blenker, WI. Some of our Wedding Pictures are here. Carol and I met in 1974 in High School, started dating in 1975, and ended up getting married in 1981. She's a great cook, a fantastic mother, a good business person (she owns a car wash and a laundymat, as well as some rental properties), and just downright fun to be with.
This is my daughter, Mary. Mary is a student at the University of Wisconsin. She also is a singer/songwriter and has her own website. She has had her music played on local stations, has been interviewed on the radio, and has a record deal with 2 of her songs. She plays guitar and keyboards as well. She started with her own band, and then went on her own. We are very proud of her. Mary

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Scruff is a rare, full-blooded white German Shephard, born in 1989. He is very protective of the family and a very intelligent animal. Steinie is a long-haired (some kind of) cat who likes to beg for food as often as she can. She likes being around people, but don't like to be held too much. Snowball passed away in the fall of 2001. He was a very friendly cat who loved being held by anyone and everyone.

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